About Us

Our program is founded on the philosophy that an intensive, integrative, and holistic therapeutic program is the best way to help people recover from psychological distress. If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health disorder, Helix Treatment Centers can offer a tranquil space to restore emotional and behavioral health and stability. Located in San Diego, we provide residential care as a safe, private alternative to hospital-based treatment.

Our History

Helix Treatment Centers has distinguished itself as a residential mental health care program devoted to world-class care. By marrying intensive integrative psychotherapy with holistic, multidisciplinary practice in a serene, home-like environment, we pioneered a new model for the treatment of mental health disorders. Designed as an innovative alternative to hospitalization, we were first part of the Bridges to Recovery family dedicated to providing comprehensive clinical care in an intimate and stimulating environment in which clients could enjoy peaceful surroundings, natural beauty, and the comforts of home. In 2019, we branched off to focus on our individual organizational competencies. Helix Treatment Centers is proud to provide the same clinical excellence and the intimate one-on-one environment we provided when we were known as Bridges to Recovery, but we are so much more: we are about family. Community. Wellness. Adventure. Finding yourself full circle. And we are there with you every step of the way.

Things to Know

  • We offer specialized treatment for a wide range of complex mental health disorders and co-occurring substance abuse and co-occurring eating disorders.
  • We are a six bed facility.
  • All clients are evaluated by our psychiatrist.
  • Clients participate in 3 or more individual psychotherapy sessions per week along with daily therapy groups and holistic therapies.
  • All of our clinical therapists have masters or doctorate degrees and are licensed.
  • Our core program is 30 days and may be extended as recommended by the clinical team.
  • Staff members are on-site 24 hours a day.