Helix Treatment Centers is a licensed and certified residential treatment facility dedicated to working in accordance with industry regulations. When you become part of the Helix community, you can rest assured that the standards for ethical, safe, professional mental health treatment we have in place mean that we are accountable not only to our clients but to overseeing agencies such as the California Department of Social Services and the Department of Mental Health, who have rigorous licensing and certification process.

Licensing requirements we fulfill include:

  • Designing and delivering treatment according to best industry practices
  • Adhering to health and safety standards
  • Performing background checks on all staff
  • Employing highly trained staff
  • Providing on-site psychiatric services
  • Administering and managing medication on-site
  • Passing evaluation visits to ensure continued adherence to regulations
  • Ensuring our clients have access to the formal complaint and investigation process through the Department of Social Services

If you would like more in-depth information about licensing standards, refer to the Community Care Licensing Division Licensing Requirements. For more information about our esteemed treatment program, feel free to contact us.

Helix Treatment Centers License: #374603703