Residential Treatment for Acute Stress Disorder

Residential Treatment for Acute Stress Disorder

Acute stress disorder is a mental illness that develops in some people after experiencing a traumatic event. The symptoms, including flashbacks, intense distress, anxiety, and others, persist for up to a month. Untreated, the condition can worsen and become a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder. If you have gone through a trauma and are struggling to cope, professional treatment is a must. Residential care will help you heal and process the event so you can get back to your life.

Acute stress disorder (ASD) is a diagnosis you may receive after going through a traumatic experience. Some people cope well with trauma, while others struggle to recover. ASD causes intrusive and recurring thoughts, dreams, or memories of the trauma, flashbacks, disturbed sleep, avoidance, and other symptoms that make normal life difficult. ASD can last up to a month and without good treatment can evolve into post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a longer-lasting and potentially more damaging mental illness.

If you experienced something traumatic, like the death of a loved one or an assault, and aren’t coping well, treatment can help. A safe, dedicated facility for women and mental illness can help you process the experience, develop better coping strategies, and get back to a normal, enjoyable life.

Treatment for Acute Stress Disorder at Helix

Some people may recover from ASD on their own or with some outpatient therapy, but many continue to struggle and require more intense professional support. Anti-anxiety medications can help, but these are short-term measures. To truly process the trauma, learn coping strategies, and return to health requires several interventions.

When you receive residential treatment for acute stress disorder at Helix, you will benefit from individual behavioral therapies with a trauma focus. Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) will help you face difficult emotions and memories attached to the bad experience. It will guide you to recognize and manage triggers for troubling memories and thoughts. This kind of therapy also helps you set goals and practice changing how you react and respond to traumatic memories.

You also have access to medical care and group therapy and support at Helix. Creative and alternative therapies, holistic care, a focus on wellness, exercise and recreation, and even family therapy with your loved ones are also available to help you manage symptoms.

Why Choose Helix Treatment Centers for Acute Stress Disorder Treatment?

Helix is a gender-specific treatment center that provides a small, intimate healing environment for women. For residents who have gone through a frightening, traumatic experience and are still struggling to cope, this setting provides peace of mind and a feeling of safety.

Treatment here is individualized but focused on trauma. Helix is staffed by experts in trauma-based therapies and with experience helping women overcome traumatic pasts. The consequences of not addressing a traumatic event are serious. Not only can ASD keep you from functioning normally and enjoying life, but if the symptoms persist past one month you may be diagnosed with PTSD.

Studies show that women who have experienced trauma are more likely than men to seek social support. Research also indicates that women with poor social support have worse outcomes. At Helix, you’ll benefit from the support and experiences of other residents. The close-knit group is a calm and safe place to share experiences and to heal together.

What to Expect the First Day

Intake at Helix begins on the first day you arrive, although there is flexibility to allow you to take the process at your own pace. You will be assigned and meet with your psychiatrist for a comprehensive evaluation. This is essential for making diagnoses and determining what your specific needs are. Over the next few days, the evaluation will continue and the staff will begin to work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Because the first day in a treatment facility can be scary, you’ll have plenty of time to settle in and get comfortable. You’ll get a tour of the residence and the grounds and time to unpack and spend time alone in your room if needed. You can explore on your own and enjoy the serene setting up in the hills.

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Your Helix Treatment Centers Experience

Helix is a good choice of treatment facility for many women, but for those who have gone through a frightening, traumatic experience, the setting is ideal. Your time here will be calm and peaceful. The residence is up in the hills outside of town where you can enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. With just six beds, you will be able to develop close friendships with the other residents. Opening up to other women is a part of the healing process and is a positive experience.

Most days here are scheduled but with plenty of time for personal reflection and alternative activities. You’ll have several one-on-one therapy sessions per week, typically in the mornings. Afternoons are available for group therapy, family sessions, recreation, and alternative therapies.

Helix focuses on treatment but also overall wellness. Enjoy gourmet, healthful meals every day as well as recreation and exercise. On weekends, you can join the other residents for cultural outings in the city or longer outdoor activities.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

Getting treatment in a residential facility like Helix is about much more than the time spent here. Your treatment plan will be designed to provide you with tools, skills, and experiences that you can take home with you and continue to put into practice. A stay in treatment is not a cure for any mental illness. It is the start of a journey that will lead you to a better life.

Rather than a quick fix, the therapy and other types of care you receive at Helix will help you enact lasting change in your life. You may continue with outpatient therapy when you go home, use coping strategies learned here, make lifestyle changes to be healthier, and take preventative measures to reduce your risk of having a recurrence of symptoms.

Acute stress disorder is a very serious mental health issue that can have negative and lasting consequences if you ignore it. Residential treatment provides you with a foundation for changing your life and managing traumatic memories. At Helix, you will get the tools you need to heal now and in the future.

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