Residential Treatment for Adjustment Disorder

Residential Treatment for Adjustment Disorder

Adjustment disorder is a mental health condition that results from a major stressor, such as a death or a natural disaster. Any stressful situation can trigger this condition, which causes reactions that are out of proportion to the event. Being unable to function, feeling depressed, not sleeping or eating, and withdrawing from others are signs of adjustment disorder. This mental health condition is highly treatable. The prognosis is good—recovery usually happens in six months or less—with residential treatment for adjustment disorder.

An adjustment disorder occurs when you have a hard time coping with a stressful event. Most people struggle in stressful times, but if you have an adjustment disorder it means your reaction is stronger and your coping poorer than would be expected based on the actual event or situation.

Some of the symptoms include feeling depressed and unable to enjoy normal activities, crying a lot, losing your appetite, having difficulties sleeping, withdrawing from social interactions, and generally not functioning normally. You may even have suicidal thoughts. Some people experience more depression or anxiety, while others exhibit antisocial or self-destructive and impulsive behaviors with adjustment disorder.

It’s important to seek professional help if you can’t cope after a stressful event. It could be anything, including the loss of a loved one, a major illness, or financial problems, but it’s how you react that matters.

Adjustment disorder is treatable. With the right facility and mental health professionals you can learn how to cope, how to manage your mental health, and how to adjust to a life changed by a stressful event.

Treatment for Adjustment Disorder at Helix

It is natural and perfectly normal to struggle after a stressful event. However, things should get easier as you adapt and adjust. If that doesn’t happen, if you continue to be unable to function, and you have overwhelming feelings of sadness, anxiety, or fear, you may have an adjustment disorder.

The good news about this mental illness is that, with the right treatment, it is temporary. Most people do not develop chronic symptoms from adjustment disorder. The risk of a recurrence is further reduced by getting treatment.

Treatment at Helix is based in an intimate setting with just six women total and a team of mental health experts. Therapy is the main type of treatment for adjustment disorder. You’ll work with a dedicated therapist here to help manage your symptoms and control negative thoughts and to restore normal functioning in your life.

Helix specializes in helping women recognize, accept, and cope with past traumas. If something traumatic in your past contributed to your current symptoms, trauma-focused therapy will help uncover the issue. You’ll work in a safe environment to confront your difficult past and move beyond it in a positive and productive way.

You will also benefit from alternative therapies and holistic wellness at Helix to complement the dedicated work of one-on-one therapy. Options include exercise and recreation, nutrition, meditation, family therapy, relaxation strategies, personal reflection, and creative therapies.

Why Choose Helix Treatment Centers for Adjustment Disorder Treatment?

There are many good reasons to choose Helix over other facilities for treating adjustment disorder. It begins with the world-class staff, a group of dedicated professionals suited to meet all your needs, but extends to all the intangibles as well:

  • A small, intimate group of residents will give you the chance to be a part of a supportive community that feels more like a family than a treatment facility.
  • Gender-specific treatment means you get care that is tailored to the unique needs of women. Being with women only in care also helps residents feel safer and more willing to be open.
  • Your treatment here begins with a thorough evaluation that leads to an individualized treatment plan.
  • Helix staff includes experts in trauma. Traumatic experiences are often risk factors for women with mental illness, and the staff here is equipped to help you work through difficult episodes from your past.
  • The setting for Helix is a beautiful home with the choice of shared or private rooms. It’s nestled in the hills above the city in a serene, quiet setting full of gorgeous views.
  • At Helix you get much more than traditional treatment. Staff members offer a variety of holistic and alternative therapies. You’ll also enjoy recreation, outdoor activities, and even cultural outings.

What to Expect Your First Day

Coming into a new setting like this, knowing you will need to face some difficult issues, can be scary. But, the entire environment of Helix, from day one, is set up to help you feel comfortable, safe, and welcome. The first step will be intake, which is a simple and easy process. Then you’ll be assigned a psychiatrist.

You can have time to settle into the residence at your own pace and in whatever way you choose. Whether that means spending some time alone in your room, visiting with other residents, or exploring the house and grounds, it’s up to you.

If you’re ready, you’ll go through your initial evaluation with your psychiatrist on day one, or you can wait until the second day. This is an important step that helps the staff get to know you and allows you to help them develop your treatment plan.

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Your Helix Treatment Centers Experience

Every day at Helix follows a similar routine, with some room for variation, personal choice, and weekend outings. The experience is one of healing, peacefulness, and serenity. This is a calm environment that will help you relax and really dig into treatment.

Every day begins with quiet reflection and a healthy breakfast. Most of the rest of the morning will be devoted to your one-on-one therapy sessions, followed by lunch. In the afternoon you can try alternative or creative therapies, join in on group sessions, or get some exercise. Evenings are quiet and reflective. On weekends you can enjoy outdoor recreation, like a hike, or go into the city for a movie or museum trip.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

The overall goal of treatment for adjustment disorder at Helix is to send you home with the tools needed to create a better future. Adjustment disorder treatment will help you process the stresses in your life and accept and adjust to them. You will come away from your residency with the strategies and insights needed to return to normal functioning and to handle any stress you face ahead.

Treatment here is not about forgetting your past or difficult situations. It’s really all about learning and practicing productive ways of coping. When you can do that, you can craft the best life possible and live the way you have always wanted.

Don’t let the effects of adjustment disorder control your life. We’re here for you…call us today.