Insurance and Payment for Treatment

Searching for the best care can be confusing and stressful for clients and families. The costs, licensure, accreditation, and experience of treatment centers vary greatly. Insurance coverage is often complicated and easily misunderstood. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate your insurance options at our facility.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we accept out-of-network insurance. Please contact Admissions for more information.

Government-issued insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, and Tricare, does not reimburse for treatment at our facility.

How do I know if my insurance will cover the cost of treatment?

We work with commercially-funded insurance plans through employers, individual policies, and healthcare exchanges. We provide a free verification of benefits and provide an estimate of how much of the cost of treatment your insurance company is likely to cover.

When is payment for treatment due?

Our team will complete verification of benefits and evaluate your clinical situation. We will then estimate a deposit that will be due before admission.

How much can I expect my insurance to contribute toward the cost of care?

Insurance companies differ in the coverage they provide for behavioral health treatment. Your actual coverage will depend upon your individual treatment, your insurance provider, and your policy.

How does insurance reimbursement work?

Insurance policies are all individualized, so how much coverage each client and/or family receives depends upon their policy.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality clinical and medical care. Our staff is very experienced and understands the nuances of each insurance plan. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact one of our Admissions Coordinators today to begin your free brief assessment and verification of benefits.