Residential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Residential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders cause intense, disabling, and frightening symptoms of anxiety, and can be triggered by a wide variety of encounters and situations. While anxiety disorders may be chronic and persistent, they are highly amenable to treatment, if it is comprehensive and professionally administered. Gender-specific residential treatment for anxiety disorders at Helix offers hope for profound and lasting change, which can bring freedom and relief for women whose anxiety has limited their life choices.

When anxiety is strong enough and persistent enough to disrupt daily living, it could mean an anxiety disorder has developed. They aren’t usually talked about openly, but anxiety disorders affect the lives of nearly one-in-five adult Americans each year.

Anxiety disorders can upend a person’s life, causing chaos and misery. But no matter how long they last, anxiety disorders can respond favorably to all-inclusive, carefully constructed treatment programs that provide a menu of evidence-based recovery services in a healing-centered environment.

Gender-specific residential treatment for anxiety disorders at Helix empowers women to overcome their anxiety, decisively and definitively. We offer expert care services delivered by compassionate and sensitive treatment professionals, in a welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to long-term recovery from mental health challenges.

Anxiety Disorders Treatment at Helix

Nervousness and anxiety are predictable responses to stress. But when an anxiety disorder develops, anxiety may become uprooted from any obvious causal factor. It might arise at any time and in any situation, even those that seem to harbor no clear threat. In some cases, its trigger might be legitimate, but its level of intensity may be wildly out of proportion to the severity of the stressor.

Anxiety disorders are episodic in nature. An attack will be accompanied by physical and psychological anxiety symptoms that are disabling, intimidating, and impossible to suppress through willpower alone. Anxiety disorders are frequently experienced and widely diagnosed, especially among women. Yet only about one-third who experience strong anxiety symptoms will actually seek treatment for their suffering. This is unfortunate because anxiety disorders respond well to treatment, especially if it is intensive and comprehensive and includes a mixture of evidence-based therapies and complementary wellness practices.

Helix’s gender-specific treatment plans for anxiety disorders are customized to include an appropriate mixture of recovery services that suit the needs of each individual. We’ve helped countless numbers of women gain control over their anxiety, in many instances after it has gone on for years. Anxiety Disorders We Treat

At Helix, we can provide you with comprehensive treatment services for any type of anxiety disorder. We understand how disruptive and unpleasant chronic anxiety can be, and we are here to help you regain your freedom from anxiety regardless of its source.

There are six types of anxiety disorder or anxiety-related conditions that may be diagnosed, all of which we can treat at Helix:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). GAD is associated with strong anxiety and/or persistent worry that may continue throughout the day. It may intensify in certain situations but is not directly caused by any one particular exposure or environment.
  • Panic Disorder. Women with this condition experience intense panic attacks that can occur without warning. They cause incredibly powerful anxiety symptoms and lead to the avoidance of situations that might trigger them.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder. Women with social anxiety disorder experience physical and psychological anxiety symptoms when exposed to different types of social situations. The disabling symptoms of social anxiety disorder can make social encounters unbearable.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). While no longer officially classified as an anxiety disorder, OCD still causes immense anxiety and discomfort. OCD can have many triggers, all of which lead to obsessive or ritualistic behaviors designed to counteract the anxiety.
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder. This condition is defined by intense feelings of nervousness and discomfort that accompany separation (anticipated or real) from a loved one. Women with separation anxiety may react to the absence of a parent, partner, sibling, or other caregiver.
  • Specific Phobias. The range of potential phobias is enormous. But regardless of the source of the fear, all can cause unreasonable and unmanageable terror.
  • Agoraphobia. Women with agoraphobia fear entering situations they believe could provoke a panic attack or other manifestations of severe anxiety. Many become stranded in their homes, afraid to venture outside.

Treatment plans for these conditions at Helix are multilayered and multifaceted, with a customized component that tailors services to the needs of the individual. These plans may include treatment services for co-occurring disorders, if they have been diagnosed.

Your Helix Treatment Centers Experience

Helix is located in San Diego’s beautiful Mt. Helix neighborhood. The area is tranquil and relaxed, and visitors will enjoy the marvelous weather that has made San Diego such a popular destination with tourists.

Our six-bed residence provides spacious and luxurious living quarters and features bright and attractive common areas where you can relax, read, or socialize. Outdoors you’ll enjoy impeccably landscaped grounds with lovely gardens and other quiet green spaces, where you can meditate in silence or bask in the healing powers of nature. Here at Helix, our atmosphere is warm and intimate, with everyone working together to create a sense of true community.

Our gender-specific services are administered by highly skilled and empathic treatment professionals who will form the core of your Helix experience. But the personal relationships you form with peers will also contribute to your recovery, as will the peaceful atmosphere that gives you time to reflect on your mistakes as you make plans for a happier and healthier future.

Why Choose Helix Treatment Centers for Anxiety Disorders Treatment?

We provide residential treatment for anxiety disorders that is comprehensive and effective. If you join our healing community to begin your recovery, your chances of finding relief from disabling anxiety are excellent.

Treatment for anxiety at Helix includes extensive individual, group, and family therapy sessions. During these daily meetings you’ll explore the underlying issues that may have made you vulnerable to anxiety. Traumatic experiences in particular will be explored and discussed, since trauma can interfere with normal development, damage self-esteem, and create patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that are not supportive of long-term wellness.

You’ll be introduced to various types of evidence-based therapies and wellness practices. Some of these options include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT has proven to be an excellent remedy for anxiety disorder symptoms. In CBT, you’ll work on identifying and altering the thoughts and behaviors that provoke or reinforce feelings of anxiety. Healthier mindsets and more self-awareness can increase your control over your responses, lessening anxiety’s influence in your life.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT is a derivative of CBT that focuses on self-destructive or counterproductive emotional states. With greater awareness of how your emotions support or create anxiety, you can gradually learn how to manage your emotions more effectively.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR is a technique that allows you to confront previous traumas and ultimately defuse their impact. Chronic anxiety is often rooted in trauma, and if you finally face that trauma its corrupting influence may be minimized.
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). The goal in REBT is to replace negative reflexive responses with rational and logical judgments. Anxiety thrives on fear and insecurity, but rational examination can reduce its manifestations dramatically over time.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT is a potent antidote to the self-esteem problems that so often afflict women with severe anxiety. Self-acceptance is the goal of ACT— learning to be who you are without self-judgment or apology can help eliminate the negative thoughts and feelings that create spaces for anxiety.
  • Holistic Mind-Body Therapies. Holistic wellness practices like meditation, biofeedback, music and art therapy, acupuncture, and equine therapy can help restore emotional and psychological balance. They work in general to negate overly powerful reactions to stress, giving them special utility in the fight against unreasonable and disproportionate anxiety.

Psychiatric testing and diagnostic assessments at Helix can help identify the specific nature of your anxiety problem. We can also diagnose any co-occurring disorders that might be complicating your condition. If you’re prescribed medication for your anxiety, or co-occurring disorders, your use of it will be closely monitored by our treatment professionals.

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How to Help a Loved One Get Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Women with anxiety disorders may feel discouraged and hopeless. They may be uncertain of where to turn for help, or lack the confidence to believe recovery is really possible. Depression is the co-occurring condition most commonly diagnosed alongside anxiety disorders, and women with depression may struggle to find the energy and motivation to take action.

In cases like these, having the encouragement and support of loved ones can make all the difference. You can inspire them to ask for help, by pointing out how their lives have been disrupted by anxiety and how much better things used to be in the past.

You can also offer vital practical support. You can help them find a psychiatrist, who can examine them and diagnose their condition. You can accompany them on their visits to mental health specialists, to make them feel more comfortable and secure. You can speak to representatives of treatment centers on the phone to get more information, and come along to provide moral support if they decide to visit a facility.

At Helix, we welcome the involvement of family members, starting from the time of the initial visit and continuing throughout your loved one’s stay at our facility. In addition to visiting privileges, we also offer family therapy programs, where you can share time with your loved one as they reveal the truth about how their anxiety has limited their choices and prevented them from finding peace.

Recovery from anxiety disorders takes hard work and a long-term commitment to healing. With your loving, unconditional support, your partner, parent, sibling, or friend can complete their journey to wellness, where anxiety is no longer in control of their fate.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

Anxiety disorders are disruptive, discouraging, and debilitating. They can make even the simplest achievements elusive and the smallest pleasures unobtainable.

Your suffering is very real, and it is also very unnecessary. Treatment for anxiety disorders can be highly effective, when you work with sensitive and talented recovery professionals who understand the challenges involved in overcoming a serious mental health disorder. At Helix, we will give you the opportunity to heal under the care of high-quality experts with vast knowledge of evidence-based medicine.

Anxiety disorders respond well to therapy, medication, and practical instruction in anxiety-lowering techniques. Aftercare programs are also important, since they can reinforce your learning, healing, and personal growth. When you come to Helix for help, we’ll make sure you have the full package of recovery services you require, so you can keep anxiety at bay and continue on a positive path long after treatment has ended.

Anxiety can be powerful. But your determination to heal and belief in the possibility of change are even more powerful. We can enable and assist your recovery, as we’ve done with so many other women who’ve come to us for treatment services.

Don’t let the effects of anxiety disorders control your life. We’re here for you…call us today.