Residential Treatment for Complicated Grief

Residential Treatment for Complicated Grief

When grief does not relent, or intensifies, in the months and years following a devastating personal loss, it’s a strong indication that complicated grief disorder has developed. This chronic and disabling mental health condition can cause enormous emotional pain, but complicated grief disorder can and will respond to treatment. At Helix Treatment Centers, our gender-specific residential treatment for complicated grief is compassionately and expertly delivered in a caring, supportive environment where sustainable healing is the priority.

Grieving is a process that someone passes through in stages. If recovery stalls, and grief remains an everyday companion, complicated grief disorder may be the reason.

Complicated grief, which is also known as complicated bereavement, is marked by feelings of unshakeable sadness, loneliness, and depression that can disrupt your ability to work, raise your children, and manage your home or personal life. It can also be highly painful and unpleasant, turning your memories of your loved one into a constant reminder of your emotional desolation.

Falling so deeply into grief that you cannot recover from is a sign of a healing process interrupted. But superior-quality mental health treatment services can put you back on track to successful recovery. Residential treatment for complicated grief at Helix has helped many women overcome their persistent and debilitating symptoms and it can do the same for you.

Treatment for Complicated Grief at Helix

When a person is separated from someone they love, by death or for other reasons, grief is a normal response. Over time the strength of these feelings should diminish to the point where they’re manageable and don’t interfere with daily life.

But many women who experience such a hurtful loss will not recover as quickly as expected. Without counseling or some other type of professional intervention, their grief will continue indefinitely and could even worsen. Grief becomes a dominant emotion, staying with them and preventing them from moving on with their lives.

You can escape from complicated grief disorder, however, with the assistance of trained mental health professionals who understand the power and persistence of this condition.

Helix Treatment Centers offers a complicated grief recovery program for women that is evidence-based and administered by highly-skilled experts. You’ll have daily individual and group therapy sessions and be introduced to wellness practices that can change the way you think and live, and alter the way you react to stress or disappointment. You’ll learn to manage your grief with support from world-class healers and from empathetic peers in a warm, comforting atmosphere.

Why Choose Helix Treatment Centers for Complicated Grief Treatment?

Women experiencing persistent grief need expert assistance. They also need kindness, compassion, and understanding.

Each will be provided at Helix Treatment Centers. Personalized treatment plans at Helix will address every aspect of complicated grief disorder, including the underlying trauma that initiated it and any other life difficulties or experiences that might be supporting it. If other mental health disorders are diagnosed (co-occurring conditions are common with complicated grief), recovery plans will include treatment services for those as well.

Grief is a specific response to a certain type of trauma, and as such it is amenable to treatment with therapies that focus on the trauma and its effect on your life. Under the empathic care and gentle guidance of Helix professionals, you’ll seek to identify and ultimately resolve any issues that may have intensified your grief and prevented you from moving past your initial feelings of shock and sorrow.

Individual and peer-group therapy sessions will each be included in your treatment regimen. At Helix, you’ll have the trained assistance and unswerving moral support you need to face your difficulties openly, honestly, and with real hope for change. Your Helix Treatment Centers personalized recovery plan for complicated grief will include multiple evidence-based treatment methodologies, which may include:

An important part of the treatment plan is individual therapy with expert mental health professionals. Helix offers these primary treatment modalities:

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic experiencing is an integrative therapy that recognizes how trauma and other issues are expressed both physically and psychologically. It has been proven in studies to be effective for treating PTSD but can also benefit women struggling with a range of painful memories and mental illnesses. By focusing on physical sensations, you will learn how to manage and process trauma.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT will help you become more aware of the negative and inaccurate thoughts and emotions that prevent you from healing. A trained therapist will show you strategies for changing problematic thinking so that you can react more positively to difficult situations, painful memories, and other issues.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is used to manage and process traumatic experiences. It is a way of helping the brain heal and reframe trauma. In EMDR, you will be guided to remember your trauma in a safe setting and with a compassionate therapist. Using eye movements, you will begin to remove the mental blocks that have prevented you from healing from those experiences.


Mindfulness involves focusing on the present moment: breathing, physical sensations, thoughts and emotions, and the world around you. It can take the form of therapy but also meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and other practices you can use later to calm and center yourself.

Relational Psychotherapy

Healthy, balanced relationships are essential for good mental health. Many women come to treatment with relationship difficulties underlying trauma and mental illness. Relational psychotherapy can be one-on-one or with a loved one. It will help you learn and change your negative patterns in relating to other people, how to communicate effectively, and how to enjoy healthier, mutually beneficial relationships.

In addition to these primary treatment modalities, Helix also offers an extensive list of supplementary treatments. These can be used as needed to provide each resident with a unique, individualized experience for healing and wellness:

  • Family therapy
  • Grief counseling
  • DBT skills
  • Relapse prevention
  • Trauma-sensitive yoga
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Safe and sound protocol
  • Community peer support groups

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What to Expect the First Day

Chronic grief can damage your self-esteem and make you feel highly vulnerable. When you arrive at Helix, you may be unsure of yourself and uncertain of your ability to recover. In this situation, you need kindness and compassion, and you’ll find both in abundance at Helix.

To make your transition as smooth as possible, intake specialists will be available to lead you through the official admissions process. All of your questions will be answered promptly and in detail to reassure you and remove any doubts you might have about your treatment or your stay with us.

After admissions is completed, you’ll be taken to your room, so you’ll have a chance to unpack and get settled. A guided tour of the facilities will be next on the agenda, and during this trip you’ll have your first interactions with our treatment professionals and with other women who’ve come to Helix for help with their mental health issues.

Sometime within the first 24 hours at Helix, you’ll be evaluated by mental health experts and given a full and complete diagnosis. This is necessary before therapy can begin, since you may have co-occurring mental health conditions like depression or an anxiety disorder that will need to be treated along with your complicated grief. Your initial treatment plan will be developed with your input, and it can be adjusted as treatment progresses based on your continuing feedback and the advice of your therapists.

Our residence at Helix is comfortable and accommodating, and the environment is calm and peaceful. Staff and residents work together to create an atmosphere that uplifts the spirit and is conducive to healthy living, and you’ll feel the warmth from the minute you walk in the door. You’ll be embraced and acknowledged by everyone, giving you acceptance and validation during your time of greatest need.

Your Helix Treatment Centers Experience

Located in the lovely and peaceful Mt. Helix neighborhood in San Diego, Helix is an oasis of serenity for women striving to overcome various types of mental health challenges. When you’ve been immersed in unrelenting grief for so long, a quiet and attractive environment that puts you close to nature and surrounds you with nurturing, supportive people is exactly what you need, and that is exactly what we provide.

While you rest and recuperate at Helix, you’ll encounter other women on the same path to wellness. You’ll gain strength and motivation from observing and assisting their efforts, as you build new, life-affirming relationships based on mutual trust and support.

Your individualized treatment plan for complicated grief disorder will be carefully crafted to deliver the very best in evidence-based treatment services. During your life-transforming stay at Helix, you’ll be in the hands of empathic therapists who will use their knowledge and expertise to help you find peace of mind and relief from overwhelming sadness.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

The loss you experienced was real and traumatic. You were never going to get over it quickly, no matter what you did. But grief shouldn’t be a permanent state of affairs, and it doesn’t have to be if you’re ready to let it go and to start living again.

At Helix, you’ll find the guidance and unconditional support you need to break the grip of unresolved grief. Your sorrow will fade away, and you’ll be left with wonderful memories of your loved one that will comfort you and embolden you as you move on with your life, healthy and whole and ready to embrace the opportunities that come your way.

Don’t let the effects of complicated grief consume your life. We’re here to help. Call us today.