Residential Treatment for High-Functioning Anxiety

Residential Treatment for High-Functioning Anxiety

High-functioning anxiety is not a clinically recognized condition. But its effects are as real and profound as those of any other anxiety disorder. Women who struggle with persistent, low-level anxiety may be able to get by, but they will do so plagued by stress that can compromise their health and happiness. Fortunately, gender-specific residential treatment for high-functioning anxiety at Helix can offer significant and lasting relief for women who’ve been held back by this poorly understood condition.

Anxiety can be chronic without being disabling. Some women with persistent anxiety can function successfully in a broad range of circumstances. They’re able to hold down employment, take care of their families, and manage household responsibilities without apparent difficulty.

But in reality, their life is a façade. Their anxiety is a regular and unwanted companion that causes mental, emotional, and physical misery. It prevents them from reaching their full potential and living in peace and harmony with others and the world.

High-functioning anxiety isn’t an officially recognized anxiety disorder. But it is a condition of ill health nonetheless. Women with high-functioning anxiety require treatment and can benefit greatly if they get it. At Helix, we’ve helped countless numbers of women learn to manage and diminish their anxiety symptoms, and we can do the same for you.

Treatment for High-Functioning Anxiety at Helix

Women with high-functioning anxiety don’t always recognize the nature of their problem. They may blame the nervousness and discomfort they feel on outside circumstances.

But high-functioning anxiety is distinct from normal stress. In this case, anxiety is chronic and not caused by external developments.

The signs and symptoms of high-functioning anxiety may include:

  • Persistent feelings of anxiety that last longer than any triggering event
  • Experiencing the physiological symptoms of panic in many situations
  • Perfectionism, reinforced by constant self-criticism and self-scrutiny
  • Compulsive behavior of various types, which seems designed to keep anxious feelings at bay
  • Constant fears of being judged or criticized, leading to inhibited self-expression
  • An ever-growing list of specific fears or phobias
  • Strong and recurrent anticipatory anxiety, triggered by worry over how you will react in certain situations
  • Sleeping problems (insomnia or sleeping at unusual hours)
  • Social isolation, even from loved ones
  • A tendency to become easily frustrated, hostile, or discouraged in the face of unexpected or unwanted developments
  • An inability to say no, set limits, or manage conflicts
  • Unconscious and persistent nervous habits (chewing on fingernails or lips, twisting or pulling out hair, excessive scratching, etc.)

Some of these symptoms are coping mechanisms, designed to limit the occurrence of stress or protect you from its consequences. Others are side effects of your anxiety, which manifests in various ways if you try to suppress or deny it.

If you don’t get help for your anxiety it will eventually wear you down and out. It will endanger your health, relationships, job prospects, and everything else (if it isn’t doing so already).

At Helix, our gender-specific treatment program for high-functioning anxiety is comprehensive and multifaceted. We recognize that the most effective treatment services focus on the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health of the individual simultaneously. You’ll be warmly embraced and treated with respect by counselors and peers alike, as you complete your inspirational journey to long-term wellness.

Why Choose Helix Treatment Centers for High-Functioning Anxiety Treatment?

Your anxiety hasn’t prevented you from living. But its presence has undoubtedly hindered you in many ways.

Anxiety has influenced your choices and reactions and limited your achievements. It has likely taken a toll on your health as well. Chronic anxiety creates immense physiological stress that leaves you vulnerable to physical disease, other mental health troubles, and substance abuse issues if you attempt to self-medicate (as too many victims of anxiety do).

If you come to Helix for help, you can reverse your downward spiral and learn to stop surrendering to the dictates of your anxiety. With a diligent commitment to recovery, you can decrease the intensity of your anxiety and the frequency of its occurrence.

At Helix, your gender-specific recovery plan for anxiety will include a personalized combination of evidence-based therapies and health-promoting practices that have helped many other women get better. The possibilities include:

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic experiencing is an integrative therapy that recognizes how trauma and other issues are expressed both physically and psychologically. It has been proven in studies to be effective for treating PTSD but can also benefit women struggling with a range of painful memories and mental illnesses. By focusing on physical sensations, you will learn how to manage and process trauma.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT will help you become more aware of the negative and inaccurate thoughts and emotions that prevent you from healing. A trained therapist will show you strategies for changing problematic thinking so that you can react more positively to difficult situations, painful memories, and other issues.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is used to manage and process traumatic experiences. It is a way of helping the brain heal and reframe trauma. In EMDR, you will be guided to remember your trauma in a safe setting and with a compassionate therapist. Using eye movements, you will begin to remove the mental blocks that have prevented you from healing from those experiences.


Mindfulness involves focusing on the present moment: breathing, physical sensations, thoughts and emotions, and the world around you. It can take the form of therapy but also meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and other practices you can use later to calm and center yourself.

Relational Psychotherapy

Healthy, balanced relationships are essential for good mental health. Many women come to treatment with relationship difficulties underlying trauma and mental illness. Relational psychotherapy can be one-on-one or with a loved one. It will help you learn and change your negative patterns in relating to other people, how to communicate effectively, and how to enjoy healthier, mutually beneficial relationships.

In addition to these primary treatment modalities, Helix also offers an extensive list of supplementary treatments. These can be used as needed to provide each resident with a unique, individualized experience for healing and wellness:

  • Family therapy
  • Grief counseling
  • DBT skills
  • Relapse prevention
  • Trauma-sensitive yoga
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Safe and sound protocol
  • Community peer support groups

At Helix Treatment Centers, you’ll have access to the very best in treatment services, for anxiety and any co-occurring disorders that might be diagnosed. This will include intensive counseling delivered in individual, peer group, and family therapy sessions. Medication for anxiety may be provided as well if it helps you manage your anxiety symptoms more effectively.

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What to Expect the First Day

As someone who has struggled with anxiety throughout your life, you’ll undoubtedly be nervous when you arrive at Helix for the first time. We understand your concerns, and everyone you encounter at Helix will be sensitive to your situation and will go to great lengths to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

The admissions process is relatively simple. Nevertheless, you’ll be assisted by an intake specialist who will help you fill out forms and answer any questions you or your family members have at that time. You’ll be able to go to your room once admissions is completed, and right from the beginning, you’ll appreciate the comfortable quarters you’ve been assigned and the services and amenities that are provided.

After you’ve settled in, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the facility. During these initial explorations you can interact as much or as little with Helix staff members, treatment specialists, and other clients as you’d like. Even if your anxiety limits your capacity or desire to socialize at first, you’ll find everyone helpful, friendly, and accepting. We strive to create an atmosphere that is conducive to long-term healing, and you’ll appreciate our warm ambiance right from the start.

At some point after you arrive, you’ll meet with a staff psychiatrist. You’ll undergo a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, to determine the nature and complexity of your anxiety issues and any other conditions that might be present.

Women with anxiety problems frequently develop other mental and behavioral health problems. If this has happened to you, they will be diagnosed and treated at the same time as your anxiety.

Your Helix Treatment Centers Experience

Helix Treatment Centers is a state-of-the-art wellness facility located in a lovely environment in the peaceful Mt. Helix neighborhood of sunny San Diego. Helix offers amenities galore, including comfortable and attractive rooms, sunny and inviting common spaces, trees and neatly landscaped yards, nutritious, gourmet-level meals, and a tranquil atmosphere that will enhance your healing efforts by keeping you in a relaxed and open state of mind.

Your peers and therapists will join you in creating warm and welcoming surroundings. At Helix, everyone is accepted, encouraged, and empowered by feelings of hope and optimism. There is an enduring community spirit here that can help make your rehabilitation a life-transforming experience, leaving you with good feelings that will follow wherever you go.

Our residential treatment for high-functioning anxiety incorporates cutting edge therapies, lightened and enlivened by compassion and unconditional encouragement and support. Your time at Helix can be a turning point, if you’re ready to change and ready to give it your all to make it happen.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

Stress is a normal part of life. No one can eliminate it or avoid it completely. But chronic anxiety is different, since it isn’t connected exclusively to outside events or the behavior of other people. More than being caused by your environment, it governs your response to that environment, leading to misery and discomfort and a host of negative consequences.

At Helix, we offer evidence-based treatment methodologies administered by skilled mental health experts. You’ll learn to tame your anxiety in a caring and relaxed atmosphere that promotes wellness in all its aspects.

Don’t let the effects of high-functioning anxiety control your life. We’re here for you…call us today.