Residential Treatment for High-Functioning Depression

Residential Treatment for High-Functioning Depression

Women with high-functioning depression experience varying levels of impairment and emotional discomfort. While they can apparently function, they do so at far less than optimum, experiencing disabling emotions that prevent them from prospering. Gender-specific residential treatment for high-functioning depression at Helix can offer significant and lasting relief, restoring a sense of normalcy and empowerment to women whose depression has limited their accomplishments and kept them trapped by despair.

Depression in all its forms is a disabling disorder. In some cases, however, a person with depression may appear to be functioning just fine. They learn how to fool others—and even themselves—into thinking everything is okay, when in reality it isn’t.

Chronic, low-level depression is referred to as persistent depressive disorder, dysthymia, or more simply as high-functioning depression. Despite a person’s ability to hold down a job, handle basic household responsibilities, maintain relationships, or fulfill other duties, they’re plagued by feelings of sadness, emptiness, discouragement, and disappointment. They can function, but only with great difficulty and exhausting effort.

While this disorder is called high-functioning, functioning is in fact seriously inhibited. Persistent depressive disorder is an authentic mental health condition that requires treatment. Fortunately, it is highly amenable to expert intervention.

Treatment for High-Functioning Depression at Helix

Over the long-term, persistent depressive disorder will have a profound impact on your life. Quietly, you’ll suffer from a range of disturbing physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms, which will affect you whether you acknowledge them or not.

Under the shroud of depression, any successes you have will likely be temporary and limited. Your role in your family will often seem more like a burden than a pleasure, as you labor to generate the energy, enthusiasm, and engagement to meet your loved ones’ needs and expectations.

The distinctive signs and symptoms of high-functioning depression include:

  • Chronic anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Moodiness, impatience
  • Avoidance of social situations whenever possible
  • A lack of strong emotional reactions of any type
  • Persistent low energy, making it difficult to complete even simple tasks
  • Feelings of guilt, shame, and helplessness
  • Excessive self-criticism, perfectionism
  • Loss of enjoyment in hobbies or other favorite activities
  • Unexplained physical maladies, of the type normally associated with stress

No matter how successful you’ve been at hiding the truth from yourself or others, eventually your depression will be too difficult to suppress or overcome without assistance.

Helix’s gender-specific treatment plans offer real hope for women who’ve been dealing with symptoms of persistent depression silently and alone.

If you’re tired of feeling depressed, we can help you get your life back.

Why Choose Helix Treatment Centers for Depression Treatment?

The Helix approach to recovery has helped many women regain their emotional equilibrium and reconnect with their sources of inner wisdom. The reality is that you have the power to overcome your depression, regardless of how long you’ve been trapped by this burdensome condition.

When you truly believe that recovery is possible, you’ll be open to accepting help from compassionate therapists, sympathetic peers, and other dedicated healing professionals who have your best interests at heart. Intensive therapy in individual, group, and family sessions will provide you with ample opportunity to gain greater insight into the reasons for your depression. Simultaneously, you’ll work closely with your counselors and peers to develop practical skills that can help you cope with your feelings and eventually learn to move beyond them.

With gentleness and empathy, our highly skilled treatment experts will lead you down a path where self-acceptance and self-transcendence become realistic possibilities.

Helix treatment plans for depression provide our clients with extensive exposure to evidence-based healing methodologies. Your personalized recovery plan for persistent depressive disorder will likely include some combination of the following treatment modalities:

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic experiencing is an integrative therapy that recognizes how trauma and other issues are expressed both physically and psychologically. It has been proven in studies to be effective for treating PTSD but can also benefit women struggling with a range of painful memories and mental illnesses. By focusing on physical sensations, you will learn how to manage and process trauma.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT will help you become more aware of the negative and inaccurate thoughts and emotions that prevent you from healing. A trained therapist will show you strategies for changing problematic thinking so that you can react more positively to difficult situations, painful memories, and other issues.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is used to manage and process traumatic experiences. It is a way of helping the brain heal and reframe trauma. In EMDR, you will be guided to remember your trauma in a safe setting and with a compassionate therapist. Using eye movements, you will begin to remove the mental blocks that have prevented you from healing from those experiences.


Mindfulness involves focusing on the present moment: breathing, physical sensations, thoughts and emotions, and the world around you. It can take the form of therapy but also meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and other practices you can use later to calm and center yourself.

Relational Psychotherapy

Healthy, balanced relationships are essential for good mental health. Many women come to treatment with relationship difficulties underlying trauma and mental illness. Relational psychotherapy can be one-on-one or with a loved one. It will help you learn and change your negative patterns in relating to other people, how to communicate effectively, and how to enjoy healthier, mutually beneficial relationships.

In addition to these primary treatment modalities, Helix also offers an extensive list of supplementary treatments. These can be used as needed to provide each resident with a unique, individualized experience for healing and wellness:

  • Family therapy
  • Grief counseling
  • DBT skills
  • Relapse prevention
  • Trauma-sensitive yoga
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Safe and sound protocol
  • Community peer support groups

In addition to treating your depression, we’ll also provide essential services to address any other mental or behavioral health conditions that might be present. Women with depression often have co-occurring disorders that complicate treatment, and true recovery won’t be possible unless your diagnosis and treatment plan are all-inclusive.

Begin Your Recovery Journey.


What to Expect the First Day

It’s normal to feel anxious when beginning treatment for a mental health condition. You may be uncertain of what to expect and fearful that you’ll be overwhelmed by the demanding requirements of your recovery program.

Your worries are understandable. But the atmosphere at Helix is warm and welcoming, and you’ll feel enveloped by the positive energy from the moment you walk in the door.

The admissions process at Helix is relatively uncomplicated. Nevertheless, you’ll be assisted by an intake specialist who will collect your data and help you complete your paperwork as accurately and quickly as possible. Once you’ve been officially admitted, you;ll be taken to your private room so you have to time to unpack, settle in, and unwind. Helix is a small facility, with just six beds in total, and everyone’s quarters are spacious, comfortable, and impressively furnished.

When you’re ready to see the facility and meet staff members and other residents, you’ll be given a guided tour and allowed to interact as much (or as little) as you’d like. You can ask anyone about anything, and even during these initial encounters you’ll be impressed with how helpful, friendly, and informative everyone is. At Helix, mutual support and compassion are universally prized and praised, and you’ll feel accepted right from the beginning.

Your Helix Treatment Centers Experience

Located in the beautiful Mt. Helix neighborhood in the San Diego hills, Helix Treatment Centers offers amazing scenery and even more amazing services and amenities. The facility is small and intimate, yet offers a grand and exquisite living experience.

Rooms are comfortable and attractive, making Helix a true home away from home. Common areas are airy and filled with light, and generously furnished to suit your needs whether you’re socializing, reading, studying, or relaxing. The surrounding greenery has been carefully landscaped to create wonderful natural spaces for meditation and reflection. Best of all, the people are friendly and focused on fostering an atmosphere where everyone feels embraced and accepted for who they are, regardless of their background or personal challenges.

Treatment services are intensive, but always delivered with a compassionate and human-centered touch. The relationships you form with counselors, peers, and other Helix staff members will help motivate and encourage you to keep striving even when the road ahead seems filled with obstacles.

There is a strong feeling of community here. The women who come to Helix for treatment support each other in their quest for personal transformation. As a nurturing oasis of calm, Helix encourages full-spectrum health and wellness. You’ll emerge from Helix feeling rested, replenished, and rejuvenated, ready to imagine a life where depression is no longer your companion.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

Your approach to life has been heroic and unselfish. You’ve refused to surrender to your hidden feelings of emptiness and sadness. Your determination to keep moving and achieving despite your persistent feelings of depression is admirable. But now it’s time to do something for yourself. You need high-quality expert assistance for your depression, and receiving residential treatment for high-functioning depression at Helix will provide you with the care and attention you require and deserve.

In the end, everyone who loves you, supports you, or depends on you will benefit from your efforts at recovery. Together, you’ll all learn the true meaning of high-functioning, which is what you’ll be once you’ve overcome your depression and learned to embrace your life with pleasure and gusto.

Don’t let the effects of high-functioning depression control your life. We’re here for you…call us today.