Residential Treatment for Postpartum Depression

Residential Treatment for Postpartum Depression

Many women experience some depression after giving birth, but postpartum depression is more serious. This is a diagnosable mental illness that causes a number of symptoms, including excessive crying, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, changes in appetite, shame, guilt, and much more. It interferes with both the mother’s wellness and the baby’s health and can prevent the formation of a healthy bond. Postpartum depression is not rare, but it can feel isolating. Getting treatment is essential for managing this condition and returning to good mental health.

Postpartum depression is a real illness with serious potential consequences for the mother, her baby, and the rest of her family. It is too often ignored, and too many mothers feel ashamed to ask for help. If you have struggled with depression after giving birth, you are not alone. Statistics indicate that 85 percent of women have some kind of mood disturbance postpartum, like the baby blues or anxiety. Up to 15 percent of mothers struggle with postpartum depression.

Being depressed, struggling to connect with your child or feel joy with a new baby is not a reflection on your ability to be a good mother. This is a mental illness that is treatable. Reach out for support and consider the residential care that will help you learn how to overcome and manage depression, so you can bond with and care for your child.

Treatment for Postpartum Depression at Helix

Feeling depressed, sad, isolated, and overwhelmed after giving birth is devastating. You likely expected to be overjoyed at having a baby and are now disappointed by this serious mental health condition. The good news about postpartum depression is that it can be treated effectively. But you won’t recover unless you get professional support.

Treatment for postpartum depression, like other types of depression, focuses on therapy and medication. Helix offers various types of therapy, largely focused on behavioral therapies. You’ll work one-on-one with a designated therapist to process your feelings and challenges in being a new mother.

Behavioral therapy will help you talk through the negative thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. Your therapist will guide you through setting goals, changing how you respond to negative emotions, developing productive coping strategies, and learning positive ways to bond with your baby and develop a healthy attachment.

You will also work with medical professionals to determine if antidepressants are right for you. Medications help many people, but it can take some time to try different types until you find the right one for maximum relief and minimal side effects.

In addition to therapy and medical care, Helix treatment for women includes a range of alternative therapies, creative therapies, group support, recreation and exercise, healthy lifestyle training, and holistic care to address all of your health needs.

Why Choose Helix Treatment Centers for Postpartum Depression Treatment?

At Helix, you’ll benefit from a caring group of experts in mental health and specifically in women’s mental health. This is a gender-specific facility with limited enrollment. The environment is calm, serene, and safe.

In addition to the expert care you can expect here, you will also benefit from the support of other residents. Women have unique experiences and mental health needs. Enjoy spending time with women who have been through some of the same challenges you now face and benefit from each other’s advice and company.

Because the facility is so small, you are guaranteed a highly personalized experience here. Your treatment plan is based on fundamental, evidence-based strategies, but is also tailored to your individual needs. Every resident here gets a treatment plan based on their strengths and weaknesses, diagnoses, physical health, and preferences.

Begin Your Recovery Journey.


What to Expect the First Day

The first day in treatment may feel overwhelming. You are probably questioning your decision and worrying about what the experience will be like. As you arrive at Helix, the staff will make sure you feel comfortable and that you get started with treatment at your own pace.

When you arrive, you’ll go through some administrative tasks and paperwork and then get a tour of the facility. Meet the other residents and take as much time as you need to unpack and enjoy alone time in your room or to explore the beautiful grounds.

If you’re ready, you will begin your in-depth evaluation on day one. If not, you can take a day or two to settle in first. Evaluation is a process that allows the staff to get to know you, your symptoms and diagnoses, and the underlying causes of your challenges. The process begins here, but evaluation continues for a week or two as the staff really begins to dig into your experiences with motherhood, childbirth, and any past trauma.

Your Helix Treatment Centers Experience

The overall experience of receiving treatment at Helix is one of healing and hope for the future. The setting is idyllic, outside of the city with beautiful surroundings and opportunities to enjoy the quiet of nature. The experience is also intimate, with a maximum of six women residents at any one time.

Your treatment will be matched to your needs, and you can expect to have plenty of personalized attention and care from the staff. The amenities, including the option of private rooms, healthful meals, and recreation, will help you feel comfortable and more at home here.

A typical day at Helix begins with personal reflection, followed by an individual therapy session in the morning. After a tasty, healthy lunch you will enjoy group sessions with the other residents. Evenings are for alternative therapies, holistic care, exercise, and reflection. On weekends, residents enjoy outdoor activities and cultural outings.

Family is an important part of treatment, especially for mothers coping with postpartum depression. You will have regular access to your family and can even invite them for weekend activities and to participate in therapy sessions.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

The primary goal of treatment at Helix is to give you the tools you need to manage your symptoms in order to live a better life. Treatment is all about progress and learning. You’ll practice coping strategies, process difficult emotions, and explore any past experiences that may have contributed to your current challenges. All of these help you make healthier, more productive decisions about your mental health in the future.

Mothers with postpartum depression learn in treatment how to cope with the stresses of raising a child, how to bond with their new babies, and how to develop a healthy mother-child relationship now and for the future.

Postpartum depression doesn’t have a quick fix, but it also doesn’t have to last forever. With effective treatment, you can learn how to overcome this awful illness. You, your child, and your family will have a better future and a healthier lifestyle if you get treatment for yourself now.

Don’t let the effects of postpartum depression control your life. We’re here for you…call us today.