Residential Treatment for Phase of Life Issues.

Residential Treatment for Phase of Life Issues

Phase of life issues can be very difficult to deal with, from losing a loved one to getting divorced or watching your kids leave home and become independent adults. Women struggle with these issues in different ways from men and may need treatment focused on their particular needs. Helix Treatment Centers will provide a safe, supportive community of other women, expert staff, and a peaceful, natural setting to help you learn to accept and adapt to change.

A death in the family, a long-term, serious illness, children leaving home for college, and other major life transitions can be stressful and sad. If you are unable to cope with the transition in healthy ways and to adapt to changes, your mental health will suffer.

Women experience many life changes and in different ways from men. Residential treatment for phase of life issues in a small, tranquil, and safe, gender-specific environment will help you make the most of professional support.

Treatment for Phase of Life Issues at Helix

At Helix, you can benefit from treatments that target certain stages of your life. Some people navigate these changes in healthful ways, but many also struggle. If these transitions have caused mental health symptoms, caused relapses in your existing mental illnesses, or simply don’t allow you to function normally or be happy, treatment will help.

  • Divorce and Relationships. It may come as no surprise that the end of a relationship, especially a marriage, can trigger mental health issues. But there is evidence from research to back this up, including a study of thousands of participants. This study found that separation and divorce caused an increase in anxiety and depression, even after controlling for other factors. This is a tough phase of life, but one you can get through with support.
  • Work and Retirement. Work can also cause all kinds of mental health issues. You may struggle to find a good balance, for instance, between life and work. An imbalance may trigger a lot of stress; it may worsen existing mental illnesses; and it may even trigger a nervous breakdown. Retirement is its own issue. Studies show retirement causes a decline in mental health. You may struggle with feeling isolated, bored, or lacking purpose during this time. The right treatment for phase of life issues can help you find balance and embrace a new, productive, and fulfilled retired life.
  • Grief. Experiencing grief after the loss of a loved one is normal. However, the grieving period may persist and start to interfere with normal functioning. This is called complicated grief, and it requires treatment for recovery. You can get your life back, and live even better, in spite of your loss.
  • Empty Nest Syndrome. Another big life change occurs when your children go through their own important transition, from children at home to independent adults. An empty nest is great for some people, providing a new sense of freedom. For others, it triggers serious grief and depression. Treatment for depression can be effective in this situation and can help you learn how to live well and to develop better relationships with your children as adults.
  • Serious Illness. At any age you may be faced with going through a serious, even life-threatening illness or injury. Even after recovering from it you may still struggle with difficult emotions or even depression. Residential care can help you come to terms with your life with or after an illness and provide the tools you can use to live well in spite of it.

Why Choose Helix Treatment Centers to Treat Phase of Life Problems?

Any treatment should be beneficial in helping you adapt to life changes, but there are particular benefits to getting care in a small group setting that is gender-specific. Women have unique challenges when it comes to phase of life issues. The staff at Helix understands that and tailors treatment strategies to women.

Treatment at Helix includes a variety of strategies, from different types of individual therapies to alternative therapies and lifestyle changes. Most importantly, treatment here is highly individualized. You will get a treatment plan that takes into account any existing mental illnesses, your phase of life challenges, and your personal strengths, needs, and preferences.

The importance of addressing change of life issues cannot be understated. Your current situation impacts your mental health and symptoms, and without treating that underlying issue you will not be able to heal. For instance, a study of people struggling with complicated grief found that those receiving care focused on grief had better results than those who received treatment for general depression only.

With issues related to life transitions, your care at Helix will revolve around behavioral therapies. This type of therapy is action-oriented and will help you confront your new life and develop and practice coping strategies for stress, depression, and other negative emotions.

You will also learn ways to enrich your life and enjoy it in a new way. Lifestyle changes, healthy habits, activities and recreation as well as support from other women in the community will help you figure out a new way to live and to embrace the changes you’re experiencing.

Begin Your Recovery Journey.


What to Expect the First Day

Change is always difficult, and when you’re going through a big life transition, making yet another change is scary. You can visit and tour Helix before checking in to get comfortable with the setting. Then, on day one the staff will help you transition smoothly into the facility.

Your first day will include intake activities, such as doing paperwork. Within the first 24 hours or so you will also go through a thorough evaluation and meet your primary therapist. You will begin the assessment process to achieve a thorough diagnosis and individualized treatment plan.

But before all of that, you will have a chance to tour the residence, meet the other women, and settle into your room. You can take some time to explore on your own, try some of the activities, and enjoy the serene outdoor space.

Your Helix Treatment Centers Experience

The experience at Helix is one of tranquility and healing. The environment is calm, and the setting is peaceful. Our residence is situated up in the hills above San Diego, so it feels remote but also close to nearby activities and recreation.

Each day at Helix will focus on your individual therapy sessions, usually conducted in the morning. You’ll also have morning and evening quiet times for personal reflection and afternoons full of group activities and alternative therapies. Weekends are more relaxed here with outdoor recreation, like hiking, and trips into town for cultural outings.

With a focus on treating women and only six beds, you will enjoy a small community of support as well as a feeling of safety. The treatment here also focuses on past trauma, the experiences you may have had that ripple into your present mental health issues and difficulties coping with big changes.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

By addressing all your needs, from any past trauma to mental health issues and your difficult life transitions, Helix treatment will prepare you to begin living a better life. The goal is to make changes that are long-term, not quick fixes.

In treatment, you will learn coping strategies and get tools that will help you cope better with this and any future changes in your life. You’ll practice healthy lifestyle habits, like eating well and being mindful. Take these strategies home with you to build the life you want.

The most important thing you can do now in the face of a life change that causes distress is to reach out and ask for help. At Helix, you’ll get that professional support in a way that helps you cope with your current situation and build skills for a better future.

Don’t let the effects of life’s transitions control your life. We’re here for you…call us today.