Residential Treatment for Separation Anxiety Disorder

Residential Treatment for Separation Anxiety Disorder

Women with separation anxiety disorder are terrified at the prospect of losing someone they love and rely on. Their dependence and insecurity create a powerful psychological phenomenon they seem helpless to resist. But women who suffer from an extreme fear of separation can learn to manage their emotions and eventually decrease their strength with residential treatment for separation anxiety disorder.

Separation anxiety is usually associated with childhood. But separation anxiety disorder may also be diagnosed in adults. Women with this disorder have a deep and uncontrollable fear of losing someone they love and depend on. This person is usually a spouse or partner, a parent, or a child (or children). The emotions this condition engenders are so strong that they create chronic anxiety and interfere with daily functioning.

Residential treatment for separation anxiety disorder at Helix Treatment Centers can help women who’ve experienced separation issues come to terms with both their feelings and the reasons behind them. Our compassionate, sensitive, and highly skilled mental health professionals can show women how to manage their troubling emotions and emerge stronger, healthier, and happier.

Treatment for Separation Anxiety Disorder at Helix

Our residential treatment program for separation anxiety disorder is a comprehensive mixture of individual, group, and family therapy sessions. Through an integrative combination of clinical, holistic, experiential, and somatic therapies, we treat separation anxiety disorder in women with a unique approach that nurtures clients on their journey. Clients at Helix receive weekly psychiatrist visits, diagnostic assessments, and up to three intensive psychotherapy sessions per week with a PhD level Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Our primary treatment modalities include:

  • Somatic Experiencing (SE)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Mindfulness

We also offer:

  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
  • Relational and Family Psychotherapy
  • Grief Counseling
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Music Therapy
  • Nutritional Evaluation
  • Equine-Assisted Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Safe and Sound Protocol
  • Access to community peer support groups

Signs and Symptoms of Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adults

Separation anxiety disorder is not an easy condition to identify. It may produce symptoms that mimic other conditions. At Helix, our experts are deeply familiar with separation anxiety disorder and the life disruptions it can cause, and we can provide accurate evaluation services if the condition is suspected but has not yet been officially diagnosed.

The defining symptoms of separation anxiety disorder include:

  • Extreme nervousness when alone, often accompanied by insomnia or obsession with worst-case scenarios
  • Controlling behavior (using pressure or persuasion to keep loved ones close)
  • Preoccupation with fears that something terrible will happen to a loved one
  • Panic attacks triggered when a loved one doesn’t arrive at the expected time
  • Frequent bouts of depression and a pessimistic attitude about life in general
  • Inability to concentrate or otherwise effectively function when left unaccompanied
  • Frequent unexplained aches, pains, or physical ailments

Separation anxiety disorder can develop in adults who’ve experienced devastating losses or who were raised by overprotective parents. It may first develop in childhood and continue into adulthood, if nothing is done to address the situation.

At its most extreme, separation anxiety disorder can make it difficult to function and thrive. Fears of catastrophic loss or abandonment can become obsessive, leading to feelings of anxiety that barely relent whenever a loved one is not around. Insecurity can become habitual, and self-esteem problems may become worse as the separation anxiety gradually takes over.

Separation anxiety will inevitably impair functioning and cause constant anxiety and emotional discomfort. Treatment for separation anxiety disorder at Helix is intensive and focused on both the anxiety and its causes, and it is this integrated approach that makes our recovery approach so beneficial.

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Why Choose Helix Treatment Centers for Separation Anxiety Disorder Treatment?

Residential Separation Anxiety Disorder Treatment for Women Only

  • Our gender-specific program provides women the opportunity to heal in a safe place, develop a support system, and address their issues in a gentle, understanding, restorative environment.
  • Clients recover and address their needs in an intimate, nurturing setting with a maximum of six clients.
  • We provide compassionate, comprehensive, supportive healing that addresses the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual needs of women.

Unique Somatic-Based Approach to Anxiety Disorder Treatment

  • Our innovative, somatic-based therapeutic program is designed to address trauma, mood, personality, and anxiety disorders and how they specifically present in women experiencing a variety of issues.
  • Integrated care for women with a somatic approach is the foundation of our healing therapeutic model.
  • Clients receive weekly psychiatrist visits, diagnostic assessments, and up to three intensive psychotherapy sessions per week with a PhD level Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Integrative Programming for Lasting Change

  • Through an integrative combination of clinical, holistic, experiential, and somatic therapies, we treat trauma and anxiety with a unique approach that nurtures clients on their journey.
  • Our program combines somatic-based therapeutic approaches with healing holistic therapies to address the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual needs of women in a profound way.
  • Our clinical team are experts in the treatment of anxiety disorders in women employing a unique and effective combination of psychiatry, psychotherapy, somatic, and integrative therapies.

What to Expect Your First Day

Women who seek inpatient treatment for separation anxiety issues often struggle to adjust. At Helix, however, our intimate environment is warm, kind, and friendly, and everyone within our community will help put you at ease from the very first day.

Your first stop when you arrive at Helix is the admissions office. You and your loved ones will be assisted by one of our intake specialists, who can answer all your questions and clear up any doubts you might have. After this process is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to go to your room to settle in and relax. You’ll find your living quarters comfortable and peaceful, which makes them a perfect place to retreat when you need time to rest and relax.

When you’re ready to look around, you’ll be escorted on a guided tour of our residence. This is the best time to get acquainted with the peaceful and luxurious healing and living experience you’ll have during your time with us at Helix. Comfortable living accommodations, delicious gourmet meals, lovely outdoor green spaces, and airy and well-lit common areas are among the many calming amenities you’ll enjoy.

Within your first 24 hours at Helix, you’ll undergo a complete evaluation under the watchful care of a staff psychiatrist. The purpose is to make a complete and accurate diagnosis of your condition, so your comprehensive treatment plan can be customized to address your separation anxiety issues and all co-occurring disorders.

Lasting Change for a Better Life

Women with chronic separation anxiety travel a long and difficult road. They desire peace and freedom from their persistent anxiety, but may struggle for years to control those feelings without the assistance of professional therapists.

When women with separation anxiety disorder come to us for help, they will enjoy a level of support and encouragement they’ve likely never experienced before. We understand the barriers to happiness and success women with these issues face, and our treatment programs for women only are designed to empower the struggle against these obstacles.

During your hour of need, our Helix community will be there to offer our guidance and support. Your continuing evolution is a healthy and important development, and our kind and caring approach to therapy and wellness will lift you, embolden you, and supply you with the mental, emotional, and spiritual tools you require to achieve true independence.

Don’t let the effects of separation anxiety disorder control your life. We’re here for you…call us today.