The Helix Experience

We understand that the decision to seek residential treatment is a difficult and intimidating prospect. Whether it’s your first time coming to treatment, or you have had previous experiences with residential psychiatric care, knowing what to expect can relieve apprehensions and help you feel at ease with your next steps toward recovery.

Specialized Care and Amenities

As a premier licensed residential facility, Helix Treatment Centers offers specialized care and amenities that create a unique mental health treatment experience for you. We realize that the therapeutic process doesn’t stop at the end of a therapy session, which is why we are committed to providing you the highest quality of care in every aspect of our program.

This philosophy is reflected in everything from our choice of clinicians, to our therapies, to the nurturing environment of our facilities. Through our years of practice, we have been able to observe and learn what works best for our clients, and design a treatment dynamic that is immersive, comfortable, and inclusive.

The result is a complete experience to support you as you cultivate a new sense of wholeness, stability, and health.

Safe and Comfortable Residence for Healing

At Helix, we believe that you’re able to do your best therapeutic work when you feel safe, welcome, and at home in your surroundings. Tucked away in the scenic Mt. Helix neighborhood of San Diego, our beautiful residential treatment home offers a choice of private and semi-private rooms to suit your needs. You can enjoy our comfortable common areas and lovely outdoor spaces that inspire reflection and a sense of well-being.

Helix Treatment Centers Living Room


Private and Semi-Private Accommodations

With a maximum of six clients at one time, you begin your healing process in an intimate environment with personalized care. You can relax with yoga and massage, enjoy our beautifully landscaped yards and gardens, and savor the gourmet meals prepared by our professional chefs. Use of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are permitted during designated hours so you have the option of keeping on top of business and personal responsibilities.

Helix Treatment Centers Bedroom

Health and Wellness Facilities

Pet-Friendly Treatment

In keeping with our holistic vision, we welcome you to bring your pet to our treatment facilities. Animals can be tremendous sources of comfort and we do everything in our power to ensure your well-being during your stay. To ensure the well-being of all clients, a private room is necessary if you plan to bring your pet with you to treatment.

We offer a restorative environment in which you receive outstanding, compassionate care provided by highly regarded clinicians who employ the best therapeutic practices available.

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